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I could tell that a lot of deer were running through here, he says, noting that the neighbors also allow him to hunt their adjoining land. The illegal killing of a trophy deer in Northern Kentucky led to the arrest of a hunter, Kentucky officials said. The National Wild Turkey Federation's mission to conserve wild turkey and preserve hunting heritage is still going strong after a half-century. After several tense minutes, he finally offered a broadside, 30-yard shot opportunity. He left everything in the blind except for his crossbow, a brand-new Raven R26, and one arrow. This man pleaded guilty to hunting without permission and hunting by aid of bait, which are both class C misdemeanors. Word got out fast, and we had people calling and wanting to come see the deer. Read Next: 10 Amazing Photos of a Buck Shedding Velvet. After graduating from college, he worked as a freelance journalist for two years before returning to the F&S team full-time in 2021 as the brands News Editor. When the buck walked through an opening, and the younger Deckard shotand missed. There are some giants out there especially the 300" deer at the end of this video. This year, the rifle will be chambered in 7mm PRC, the hot new load that was a hit at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Winchester's new Big Bore ammo, available in 10 mm, .44 Mag., .357 Mag., and .45 Colt, is specifically designed for big bears in bear country. So, just from knowing the property, I thought that there would be one particular place where a big deer might go to die. To have a deer that big in gun range, and not be able to shoot? Check out these 10 monster bucks that were taken throughout the country. Robert Koch, 58, faces multiple charges after he was accused of lying about. His desk-mate was a mounted warthog. You must log in or register to reply here. Mel's Perfect 66 Illinois deer scored 204 inches. I think Herman was already dead by the time I killed mine.. A photo of a dead deer prompted an . "I had never taken a buck with my bow before and was strongly considering taking this shot. Sasquatch continued to pass by our trail cameras until he lost his velvet, and then he disappeared. After the mandatory drying period, the rack scored an incredible 312-0/8. What is the most dangerous animal in Kentucky? At SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Date of Kill: Aug. 22, 2021. Reed had in-person encounters with this giant deer in 2019 and 2020. But almost immediately, skeptical hunters started asking what everyone was thinking: "Was it a high fence deer?" According to Keating, the 50-point buck was not killed inside of a high fence. We finally got a picture of him, and he blew up that year into a 180-inch 15-point. By mid-October, he was gone. At least 74 people in Kentucky have died after a weekend tornado outbreak across eight states flattened homes and businesses in the Midwest and South. Subscriber Services. It worked out, though. It was seen last year in the area as well. The velvet was a little damaged from the branches, but Beach didnt much care. His father returned to the blind, and Deckard went to another spot. Settle's buck could be a Kentucky state record. Winchester's new Big Bore ammo, available in 10 mm, .44 Mag., .357 Mag., and .45 Colt, is specifically designed for big bears in bear country. He's killed his fair share of good ones, but there's only ever been one "Herman," which is the monster buck he focused on for the past five seasons. He even had surgery on his wrist. His sons took some good deer as well. Read Next: Shed Hunting: Secrets of the Shed Masters. So, on opening weekend, he moved in and hunted along a promising ridge line. After that season, he decided to focus all his energy on hunting that deer. In October, the stud disappeared. LaRue's Ethan Alexander talks about the Siete's features with Game & Fish's Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Buck after buck walked in and out of view, but each one looked up at Lacefields position. That looks like a wood pile on his head! Just $1 per month , Jason Kline spent years chasing a giant non-typical buck he had named Herman. Join F&S+ to read exclusive stories by your favorite writers. Northwestern Ohio has blocks of fields and woods, Kline says. Mike Clerkin heads to the legendary Buffalo County, Wisconsin, in search of early season whitetail action. Its unclear when the buck escaped, but Keating started getting pictures of it on September 11. Jason Kline has spent much of his life chasing whitetail deer. Skis are easily the most efficient way to cover snowy ground on foot in winter. He thought it probably had a 14 or 16 point rack. This page has. Right after he got into the blind, he saw something that stirred [his] curiosity., I was getting situated, he says. Conservation law enforcement officer Sgt. Guner Womack killed one of the most perfectly symmetrical whitetails. Dad told me to climb down and make sure he was dead. We are investigating this story and will continue to publish updates as we learn more. #1 - Wisconsin Wisconsin is the #1 ranked state with 1,822 total entries and six counties in the top 20 U.S. counties with the most records produced. No one would believe me anyway. I felt the dread of thinking its never going to work out again. He decided crossbowhunting was the only option to hunt this giant deer this fall. | A total of 159,962 deer were harvested. This year he decided to Sign in to access your profile, save content and more. Eastons first deer 2021 Posted: 3/19/2022. Travis Gray says if we dont know about it, we cant investigate it. He turned his head in my direction and turned it back straight. The National Wild Turkey Federation's mission to conserve wild turkey and preserve hunting heritage is still going strong after a half-century. Kirkpatrick immediately called his friends: Chase Geary, who shot a 167 4/8-inch deer earlier in the season; Nick Huff, who's shot plenty of mature deer; and Jake Peveler, someone who knew the land well. When a deer of this magnitude is killed, especially when I immediately have calls coming to be conflict, the red flags do go up and we do investigate when big deer are killed, senior conservation law enforcement officer Joe Lindsey said. Then, after seven or eight bucks walked through, he spotted giant antlers moving through the timber. Last year, during gun season, I had him in gun range at about 80 yards. The buck was bedded down. Brian Tate Camplin's first deer Dec 11, 2021 Updated Dec 12, 2021. I was so mad about last year, Kline says. This winter, he found the bucks rack, By Post anything thread - piss n on lefties version. Learn more in the video above, with Remington's Joel Hodgdon and Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Sage Marshall Roughly 223,000 Colorado hunters harvested 39,000 elk in 2017, a 17% success rate. Of the elk harvested, 21,000 were bulls. Published Sep 15, 2021 6:00 PM EDT. He took the shot. This page is designed to showcase bucks from the Bluegrass State. CX Outfitter, 180 gr. Even if he can't reach the Hanson or Johnson buck, Womack will likely beat the current Oklahoma typical record of 194 inches. We hunted the area every chance we could, trying not to bump him. Back before the construction went full bore that is. Among the accomplishments includes the recently concluded Save the Habitat, Save the Hunt initiative, which in 10 years conserved or enhanced 5.3 million acres of critical wildlife habitat, recruited 1.5 million new or lapsed hunters, and opened new access to 750,000 acres for hunting and recreation. Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller gets more info from Hawke's Paige Shipe at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. I didnt even know how to act. Big, heavy, long-beamed bucks are the stuff of dreams, but Logan Beach experienced the real thing on opening day this year. He went to the point of impact and found bright red, bubbly blood. Which begs the question: Why arent more bird hunters using them? It stretched the tape to 179 inches. "This involves stand location, cellular trail cameras, making sure your hunting clothes are as scent-free as possible, not contaminating the area around your stand and, most importantly, always hunting the wind.". Stan Potts heads to Montana with his rifle in search of a Big Sky buck. Clark's huge buck carried 23. He hoped the buck might return in camera photos, but he knew in his gut that wasnt likely to happen. "I had never had a deer quite this size before on the farm.". Put in his scenario, we would have done the same thing. Hundreds of deer have been killed to slow a contagious and incurable disease in Idaho, wildlife officials said. Hope that's not the case cause I would like to see some better pics of it. We know he traveled further than that, but he spent most of his time in this area. So, we hunt it hard. There was a wild sapling pushed right up against the trees on the weed line. Dad ran to me and we hugged and thanked God again for an unforgettable hunt that we got to experience together. That is one of the best-looking racks Ive seen from last season,beautiful color and all those stickers! About an hour later a small buck chased a doe from the same direction Dad had seen Sasquatch. Jason Kline shows off the beast that he hunted for nearly a decade. However, Ladner said what was most impressive was the mass. They watched it feed along as the sun began to dip lower behind the trees. Conservation officers said if you see something, say something. He especially didnt expect it to happen during his first year on a new farm. Kline and other hunters hoped that the 2020 season would be the year. You can scout and hunt hard and not see a deer for days. I got out of the tree and slowly walked over to Sasquatch. After our interview with Settle, we were confident that his story was true. But on Sunday morning it was just me and Dad. Settle steadied the bow. The number of times I thought Dad was going crazy over this deer was countless. I heard the same story as you. Dustin Finley tells me his dad, Larry, killed this deer in Pendleton Co, KY on 11-11-12; they measured him at 226 7/8. GILBERT, W.Va . | Opening day of deer season 2021 didn't disappoint with reports of Bluegrass State bucks taken by bowhunters measuring 170-plus inches. The sighting wasnt far from where we had some trail camera pictures of the giant, so we decided this was where we would go for the quota hunt. When hunting season came around, we never got another picture of him. A cold front passed through, and Taylor expected deer to be on their feet. LaRue's Ethan Alexander talks about the Siete's features with Game & Fish's Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. When he stood up, he had nothing but his rump facing me. LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - In November, a Limestone County man illegally killed a 25-point deer on private property. Around 6:15 p.m., a small, 6-point buck walk through behind them. He just popped up out of nowhere, Settle says. Copyright 2019 WAFF. He did some landscaping for the woman who lived on the plot. Winchester's Nathan Robinson talks features with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Were not opposed to that hunter shooting that deerwed actually encourage hunters to remove the buck in those situations. He pulled out his phone to try to take a quick video of the deer, but then a squirrel started barking at him. The internet celebrity, who is a member of Officials say that increasing the moose harvest is Sign up for the Field & Stream newsletter and get the latest intelligence straight to your inbox. Both bucks were 100% free-range, but the answer is a bit more complicated for this next whitetail. His treestand was positioned on the ridge, with bedding cover at the end of the point. That isnt the area of Ohio thats best known for big deerthe southern third of the state is more often recognized as monster buck countrybut dont tell that to Kline who recently picked up Hermans 233 7/8-inch rack. in early November. Keith Srakocic AP. Fast forward to January. I felt like my dad was with me like an angel on my shoulder, he says. "I've got close to an hour and a half before dark," Kirkpatrick said to Moore. 5 Common Deer Abnormalities Caught on Camera, Oklahoma Hunter Shoots Target Buck That's Locked Up with Another Giant, Potential Kentucky State Record Crossbow Typical Shot in Hemp Field, A Look Back at No. He had never seen an animal quite like this one beforeand neither had the rest of the world. Winchester's Nathan Robinson talks features with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. The sun came up and we finally saw a deer around 7:00 a.m. Three does passed through, and then I heard Dad say, Big buck, big buck.. | I stopped a bunch to try to check him out and calm myself down. By 2021, it had grown into a stud 4.5-year-old. 3,757 likes. JavaScript is disabled. Shortly after, some young bucks walked through. 2:33. Updated: 8:51 PM EST November 17, 2021 DECATUR COUNTY, Ind. "Don't move. He says it was one of the most intense moments of his life. Within 10 seconds we saw Sasquatch running wide open in our direction. In the beginning, the deer was mostly typical, but that changed with time. The property hunted wellreally well. More than 300,000 Hoosiers are sitting in their deer stands, looking for their dream buck this hunting season. Hunting season started and we still received random pictures of him, but we never had an actual sighting. They use the clearing to get back and forth between the ag-fields and the hardwoods., Settle got to work setting up mineral and food plots and installing several permanent stands. When the deer ranch contacted me, they asked about the deer I shot and wondered where I shot it, Keating said in an interview with MeatEater. The whitetail had a three-point right side, the size of which wasnt anything special. The Model 336 is expected to be launched soon; the Model 1894 should launch this spring. The buck had a huge body, and we guessed him to be 4 or 5 years old. Joe Lacefield accomplished both simultaneously. Word continued to spread, and once social media got ahold of the story it went viral. He was an impressive 160-inch 12-pointer. There has been a group of does hanging out across from Kroger for a couple years but I figured they had moved on since all the construction started. According to Justin Spring, director of big game records for Boone and Crockett, the answer is simple. Subscribe to OL+ for our best feature stories and photography. Skis are easily the most efficient way to cover snowy ground on foot in winter. Just $1 per month , The full story of how Derek Settle put it all together to take this buck of a lifetime on a D.I.Y. It was on Sept. 4 when Jamison Standard and Casey Reed tagged two of the biggest deer from opening day. Key features include muzzle velocities of 2,215-2,400 fps. As proof of the effort's success, in 2020 two new records were set with the largest typical and non-typical archery bucks ever taken . So, with Herman missing in action for numerous days, Kline transitioned his attention the other buck. Huff made a 40-yard shot with a Stryker crossbow in an area hes hunted since he was 12 years old. People in Limestone County noticed, and so did law enforcement. Kline hoped for the best, but expected the worst. Andy Beshear told . In the video above, Leopold's Shawn Skipper highlights the features of the exciting new optics with Game & Fish Editorial Director Adam Heggenstaller at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. Courtesy Logan Beach Logan Beach's Bushwhacking Bruiser Buck: 162 inches Date: Sept. 4, 2021 Location: Caldwell County, Kentucky Method: Compound bow His window was narrow, too: Shortly after shedding its velvet, the buck always departed Lacefields hunting grounds. ELD-X Precision Hunter). Harvest Results by Weapon. The arrow struck true, and the deer ran for cover. Reed has owned the farm he hunts for eight years and has spent a lot of time developing it into what it is. "I killed him at five paces," he said, from a portable stand about 25 feet high in a tree. In rare cases, wild whitetails can live for 20 years or more. About 300 yards away, in the corner of a soybean field south of me, the light shined on his rack right when I was looking that way. For Release: Friday, April 23, 2021. Thinking his hunt was over, he started to climb down, then decided against it. The big velvet buck ran a few steps, tangled its antlers in a tree, and collapsed. Browning Ammunition has two big-game hunting loads new for 2023 that are effective on a wide range of species: the Max Point and Silver Series. An Official Website of the Commonwealth of Kentucky . But Settle says he felt his presence this September. It had run about 70 yards from where it was shot before it hit the dirt. A creek rippled along behind the blind. Features quick-change barrel system. This man pleaded guilty to hunting without permission and hunting by aid of bait, which are both class C misdemeanors. It started with a friend of ours getting one trail camera picture of him in December 2017. Nathan Simmons of Browning and Game & Fish's John Taranto take a closer look at both cartridges at SHOT Show 2023 in Las Vegas. I just couldnt get a good shot at him, and to be perfectly honest, he was standing right on the property line. I wasnt really getting many pictures of him, though, and my only good chance to kill this deer was during the rut, Kline says. We even had a friend drive three hours to come see Sasquatch in person. The area where his stand was hung served as a great staging area as deer moved out to feed. I was hoping Id maybe see him again. Last year, the buck was 60 yards away, but wouldn't come any closer. He continued to get trail camera photos in 2019 and 2020, and even had numerous in-person encounters that were foiled by farmers or trespassers. Hope that's not the case cause I would like to see some better pics of it. Sage Marshall joined Field & Stream as an editorial intern in 2018, when he worked at the publications former office in Manhattan. He had a slow hunt, though, only seeing three does and one small buck. Kirkpatrick scrambled to get ready for deer season. He remembers it as a bittersweet moment: Hed finally tagged the buck, but now the hunt was over. The problem? All North American Whitetail subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. Then, the big deer came back out, now concealed by a bunch of weeds. He was still in early velvet, but I could just tell he had a lot going on under all that fuzz., The deer returned to the mineral plot at different parts of the day for nearly six weeks.