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1. What is Corona?

2. Outbreak of Covid-19 occurred at

3. How does the COVID-19 spread?
4. What is the incubation period for COVID-19?
5. For social distancing how much minimum distance is required.
6. Symptoms of COVID 19...
7. Which is the weapon for fight against COVID 19
8. Is there any vaccine for the novel Corona virus?
9. COVID-19 infected patients can transmit the disease to animals
10. The best preventive measure on Corona is?
11. W.H.O. (World Health Organization) on 11 February 2020 announced the official name of this disease is--.
12. By which property corona virus got its name?
13. Which of the following diseases are related to corona virus?
14. In which age group the COVID-19 spreads?
I pledge that all the timely direction given by Government Authorities and will help to break the chain of COVID 19. Stay Home Stay Safe Thank you for your participation<br>

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