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Aw, thanks! And how long would you microwave it for ? After cooking it for 9 minutes and letting it sit for 3 additional minutes, I checked the rice and it still had some water in it and was still a bit firm. If still looking wet after resting for 3 minutesph,I cook an additional 3 minutes on 50 percent power to dry the excess water. Thank you for the “dumbed down” version of this method. And by the way, you have great photoshop skills! Find your stylish freestanding microwaves from top brands like Samsung, Bosch, Russell Hobbs and Panasonic. I have attempted and failed so many times at making rice in the microwave that I reverted back to the saucepan and hob. It a microwave, the heating takes place on, at, or near the surface of the object being heated. USE THE SAME AMOUNT OF BROTH AS YOU WOULD WATER. That’s funny. Just tried your method. I’ve already decided that to use up the rest of the box I’m going to add my own steamed veggies to make it healthier and heartier. Costco carries microwaves that are loaded with special features, including automatically adjusting sensor cooking, easy-clean enamel interiors, steam and melt functions, and convection cooking for even heat distribution. The instructions with the nordicware cooker said to cook at 1/2 power, so that’s what I did. Then report back to me. I use a 2:1 water to rice ratio for brown rice. I followed this and my cooked microwave rice tastes better than I expected. A simple foolproof way to cook rice on top of the stove is to put rinsed rice in a pot, cover with cold water to one inch above rice (measure with thumb nuckle). So happy I seen this. Let’s just call it “ancient asian secret” for cooking rice… My family’s from the Philippines and that’s how my mom taught me to cook rice (in a regular counter-top cooker or in the microwave). For example, if you’re cooking spaghetti for 1 person or 4 person, it still takes the same amount of time. I don’t recall the larger batches turning out any differently, though (which would have used more water than your depth of 1 inch… close to two inches, in fact). Just don’t spill it when you take it out of the microwave and everything will stay clean. come on, its way simpler than microwave and you dont have to check on it every few minutes. Thanks for sharing! Put it on high for 9 minutes in the microwave., Thanks so much for posting this! Thanks for sharing! Rinse and drain 2 cups rice well and put into an 8×8 Pyrex dish. (Of course, I only bought it out of guilt trying to help a friend with her business, so at least it is a useful kitchen thing now instead of a dust catcher!) If I could give this a minus one I would! This is simple and delicious! Place 100 -125g basmati rice in a plastic microwave bowl. I’ll just set it on top & do it! I have been cooking perfect rice using just a stoneware bowl for the last 2 years. What a fantastic recipe this is for cooking rice. Oh my God! With our microwave I’ve been cooking it at 8.5 minutes and that works better for our microwave machine. And when the 9 minutes were up I just left it in (covered) for 3 mins. This works great! If I’d did cook correctly, but you let it continue to cook after the liquid is gone, it burns. Plus washing your rice is how its tradionally prepared all over then world. Thank you for the “easy-peasy” instructions, lifesaver! “put the lid on but just set it on top” this is not clear. These days, I only bring out that appliance when I’m cooking rice for a large group of people. But if you do without water 1″, The variable in cooking time is how THICK the pasta is. I just tried this method. I just tried your method…did everything like you said (rinsed the rice, added water up to my 1st knuckle), except I set the timer for 10 minutes because I used 2 cups of rice. I know rinsing rice makes it fluffier, but it also rinses away the added minerals, including iron and b vitamins, which are very helpful for those with dietary restrictions (or who don’t get a balanced diet). your lid is on too tight without ventilation. Texture pretty good. Rubbish. Neither of you are completely right. It’s just like straight out of the rice cooker – and much better than oven cooked rice. Surely not 9 minutes for such a small quantity, I’m guessing. Can you tell me how much rice would be right for one ? Maybe one day I’ll get a Zojirushi…. What is the cooking pot that you use? It is a 2-piece gadget. What do we use the inner part for? Microwave on high for 9 minutes . Brand. Bless you for this recipe! You should install cameras! Thanks for sharing! Covered when resting allows rice to finish cooking in the trapped steam and heat. J,ai adoré votre riz au micro ondes.Merci !thank you ! Thank you. However, when I actually tried it, I noticed that despite following your recipe to the Tee, I’d, unfortunately, added in a lot more water than needed. Love your post, especially love that “Add water glug glug glug” picture lol! When I rinse & repeat, no matter how hard I try to drain it, I seem to end up w/a mushy mess after cooking. How far down do you poke?” (She didn’t rest her fingertips exactly on the top of the rice, it would dive in a little bit so where she stopped would be a ambiguous. Official website for Costsco Wholesale. If you have a lid that seals very well (think Tupperware containers) then you can’t close tightly – the force of the steam might pop the lid. whats the difference of not even using a cover, spillage only? Mine is 650W – it is quite old, and I understand more modern micros are more powerful, so I will probably have to adjust cooking time. This means the rice doesn’t soak long enough. You’ve also managed to sell me on the NordicWare rice cooker. Btw, for white rice, I use a Pyrex glass bowl. Cover the rice with a lid that is microwave safe And steam for 5 minutes You will have perfect rice! I knew about the finger trick. HI THERE FRIEND ! ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. This didn’t work at all. Third, by rinsing rice aren’t you throwing vitamins and minerals? Both are dishwasher safe. Hi not tried yet, please advise Microwave power, does cooking time reduce for reduced It comes out slightly sticky -- the rice will hold together in a clump if you plop it out of the container onto a plate. I use a flat glass casserole lid found at goodwill for a quarter. Here you go Wash it and use the first joint of my index finger. do you think this will work with brown rice? I very much doubted it would but I simply cannot cook rice on an electric hob so I started looking for a solution. Then I can dust off the steamer I registered for 9 years ago and never used because it actually took longer than it did just on the stove…. Wal-mart has a general purpose microwave pot with a handle and a vented lid that doubles as a strainer. Note: brown rice and wild rice have different cooking methods. Hehe, was just browsing when I saw the article title and decided to check it out. My dad taught me the same method! I have a sistema new and the gridelines rice cooker and the is for 900 watts I have a 1250 watts microwave what is the time, I use any microwave safe container in cooking my rice. For rice in the microwave, once the water comes to a boil – the time it takes to fully cook the grain is the same, whether or not you cook 2 servings or 4. … currently my stove isn’t working so I Googled right into this gift from God. Found your instructions, whipped out my microwave vegetable cooker and voila – perfectly cooked rice that was done at the same time as the rest of the family meal. It can be separated with a fork or spoon and reheated a bit if you prefer a drier texture. For 4 people, you’ll need 1 1/2 cups of raw rice. BUT – the cover has to allow some steam to escape, and there has to be plenty of room in the pot to allow for bubbling during cooking. Some companies, like Uncle Ben’s Rice, spray the rice with vitamins during processing. Perfect every time, no oven mess. (I suspect that one of these days, if I research it enough, I’ll be able to just look at food, and it’ll cook itself. Thanks. Many thanks!! ^___^ I am gonna try this out! You can find them for around $11 – totally worth it! I am fussy about rice, hate it over cooked and mushy but was really pleased with this. I went with box instructions because they were right there and the rice was par-cooked and so disgusting! AND you are saving me from gagging down a 20# bag of sticky, gluey, mushy rice. Japan. This was the first time I’ve cooked rice myself too, so I’m amazed that it actually came out right! jaden, In the other hand, she put above 2 1/4 cups of water. big mistake! I used 2 cups of a Japanese-style short/medium grain rice, washed/rinsed thoroughly, drained, then added 2.5 cups cold water to the cooker. The dimension does matter 1″ is the volume above the rice (that means the rice could be in a swimming pool for that matter). I’m from Jamaica and this is how my mom taught me how to cook rice on the stove. Highly frustrating when I carefully follow recommended rice/water ratio for whatever method using too. I love the freshness and flavor of this rice and I don't have to wait for it to cook in the rich cooker or on the stove. There are countless reasons that a bowl of rice is the most eaten meal the world over. Fluffed rice with shamoji (rice paddle). just curious! My grandma taught me a slightly different method of measuring water (lived in Hong Kong 60 years before moving to the states). The steamer basket is a plus, both for steaming vegetables and for rinsing fresh fruit, especially blueberries and grapes. I love rice so much I can eat it everyday. I had the same amount of water and hard rice when I was done. 12 minutes is fine. I have a question. Place Your Rice in the Microwave Put the dish in the microwave uncovered and microwave the rice on the high for 10 minutes. I wouldn’t recommend using plastic wrap – it’s such a long time in the microwave and the wrap isn’t the best way to cover. The texture was even better than my first attempt yesterday with a pot and in even shorter period. The diameter keeps increasing the closer one gets to the top of the bowl and the same volume of water occupies lesser and lesser thickness the closer one gets to the top of the bowl. Works every time. THANK YOU. I usually put my raw rice in a small wire mesh strainer and under running water, shaking gently for a while. so helpful with the photos! Thank you for this post. I see you used only the outer part. Try just using any microwave safe lid, just placed on top. I rinse the rice and use 1 cup rice to 1 3/4 cup water, a little less water if I’m going to use it in a stir- fry. Thank you again. Oh no, you’re spilling the Ancient Chinese secret of measuring water for rice! If use a 1/2 cup rice I still use i inch water rule? 5 mi a full power, 25 mins  at half (50%). I’m not sure what uses more energy – I’m guessing the difference between the two is negligible. I use that method on the stove top. Thank you. Thank you for the wonderful and simple instructions! I’ll have to look for that cooker. BASICALLY, YOU CAN SUBSTITUTE THE WATER FOR ANY TYPE OF LIQUID WITH SAME MEASUREMENTS! Although originally a Doubting Thomas about microwaved rice — tried it once 39 years ago (!) Wouldn’t the diameter of the pot make a difference? Costco Kirkland Signature Jasmine Rice 25 Pound Bag Price: $15.49 Costco item#:841930 Inventory and pricing may vary at your warehouse location and are subject to change. Find a selection of high-quality Frozen Food products at Costco Business Center for delivery to your business. Tony. This worked just fine (July 2020), I followed the directions and measured all. What about new crop jasmin rice? Measure water from the TOP of the rice. And that is the story of how I continue to pretend I understand things I do not. If you let it sit longer than 5-10 minutes when done, no problem; it will stay hot a long time. Now to determine your microwave’s cook time, which will mostly depend on wattage, but could depend on other factors some. Is the nordic ware microwave rice cooker made of ceramic parts? Remove from microwave and let sit ten minutes covered. Cover the bowl with the lid and lower the power to 50% and cook for 5 more mins. i use the water/rice proportions as indicated (one cup rinsed brown rice to 1.5 cups water). Season the water folks or use chicken broth or veg broth if you prefer. On a regular pot on stove top you can simmer the rice in the microwave you can do it by lowering the power and more time.Happy rice cooking . Microwaves have become one the most used kitchen appliances today. Pour boiling water over rice and cover the Pyrex dish tightly with foil. Dump out all the water. This is the way to go for me. Thanks for the tip about the inch of water on top of the rice, I’m sure that’s the info I need to get my rice up from pretty darn good to perfect! I purchased this product with my own money and the opinions in this review are strictly my own. The last few minutes, it’s the steaming part that’s taking place, and the amount of liquid is irrelevant, as long as there’s still steam. the approach to microwaving rice is a good one. Had to fiddle with the water ratio and it’s high because this is uncovered. My mom does this–and I’ve seen it every night of my life until I left for college–and I do it when I make the rice around her (but I really just eyeball it?) Do you have instructions for cooking beans in a microwave rice cooker? I live in So Calif. Los Angeles area. AWESOME…very elucidating…but how and when do you season the rice in the process? 12 minutes does the trick. As for water the ancient Chinese method would be the same ? Alternatively, cook in two batches to follow the directions in this article. the old 900 watt never got it right even though i fiddled with time. So I put in a half cup of rice and cleaned it (I bought the cheapest grocery store brand of white rice). Place one cup of rinsed rice plus one and three quarter cups hot water in pot, cover with lid and microwave eight minutes at 60% power. I think I will try microwave rice tonight. Try putting a 1/2 tsp. Thanks. Though some might consider those “vitamins” LOL. We stock top brand rice cookers such as Tefal, Philips and more. Always wondered how the restaurants did it. May I ask how many watts does your microwave use? I followed your method to a “t” in a 2 quart casserole dish. I’ll have to put that on my list of things to create a video tutorial about. Anyway, it turned out fine. I don’t rinse and sometimes I mix pearled barley and green or red lentils in as they cook up at the same rate. I will be using this recipe over and over again. This is the easiest way to make perfect rice every time. I tried microwaving rice tonight, using a microwave-safe pot, followed the reavipe to the letter and nearly set my kitched alight. and it was still great. comes out perfect every time. Hi Jaden, Customize your order by choosing special dietary needs like organic, vegan, or gluten free. (^v^) THANK YOU SO MUCH ; I DIDN’T EXPECT SUCH A QUICK ANSWER , BUT I’M GRATEFUL FOR IT ALL THE SAME ! You feel like you're chewing on something. Your rice will be dry and fluffy, and nutritious. Impressive. That did it. Rice will never rinse clear because it’s a starch. Thank you!! Thanks for the idea! Great blog! My ultra small apt only has a microwave & very small refrig so this recipe for cooking rice in a microwave came in very handy (esp. This was easy, fluffy and absolutely delicious. There’s nothing wrong with converted rice. i bought korean brand brown rice which was 50% hulled. Then microwave 15 minutes at 50% power. The ratio: To cook rice in the microwave, you’ll start with a microwave-safe container, raw rice (like basmati, jasmine, or sushi rice). The vitamins from rice comes from the outer coating (like brown rice) not necessarily the dust that accumulates on each rice grain. Too little water = dry rice. But this is nowhere near the perfection you can attain by cooking rice on the stove top in a heavy bottomed pan with a good lid. I have lots of friends and family who use this ancient *Japanese * technique for measuring rice, but until now I’ve never understood what they were actually doing! Preheat the oven to 375F. PLEASE EXCUSE THE CAPS-LOCK , I SUFFER FROM POOR EYESIGHT , SO I DO NEED TO USE THEM TO SEE CLEARLY . JADEN: Although this method isn’t quite “set it & forget it” like a rice cooker or instant pot (bcos of timing), I will give it a go w/a lidded Pyrex baking dish one of these days. Thanks so much for this easy microwave rice instructional. I have an 1150 watt unit and it cooks way faster than my old 750 watter and power will definitely affect the cooking times for pretty much everything you place in it. I have a 1000 watt microwave and I live at a high altitude. Right now it looks like BlogEngine is the preferred blogging platform available right Wash raw rice because it’s dusty, dirty and could have small bugs. I’m making rice this way from now on!!! Or would it be the same amount of time? I cooked my rice in a glass container & don’t know if this made a difference but when cooking the rice I set the microwave for 5 mins. Now I know. I used your link and purchased the one you recommended. When you rinse the rice, the excess starch is removed (and also dirt). Then cook. I have a 1300 watt Microwave and don’t want to burn the rice! ♧QUESTION♧ RE rinsing white (or brown) rice: Sticky rice is fine for me, while fluffy rice seems to be a far distant dream. BD. Order delivery or pickup from more than 300 retailers and grocers. It turns out great! )) The bigger the perimeter/circumference of the bowl the more water you would be adding, which would change the cooking time needed. She said, “I know her! thanks and enjoy. Bring 2 cups water to a boil. This Recipe is possible no matter what elevation your at. This is the best rice recipe I’ve come across. I only hav half of my microwave rice cooker and I wanted a large amount. And cleanup is always a lot easier in the microwave if you keep a small glass pie plate in there just for that sort of thing. After this post I am definitely putting this on my Amazon Wishlist. Wow ! Cook like pasta. I have since made it 3 times and everytime it was perfect. Like, what if I only wanted to make a single serving (as in 1/4 cup uncooked) of rice? Notice this rice cooker has air vents – this allows the steam to escape during cooking, which is good. I’ve never really heard of someone mixing different types of rice since it is difficult to measure how much water you will really need since different types have different water needs. Thanks for sharing your method on how to cook brown rice. Too much water = soggy rice. But the comments about Uncle Ben’s rice are uncalled for. Excellent directions. I remember learning the knuckle method from my mom and asking her “why do we have to use the pinky for measurement.” “will rice taste better if you use the thumb or pinky finger for measurement.” “what if one had been snipped of their pinky by the triad?!”. In the water before cooking? ( 1 mug rice 2 mug water.) When ready to use heat on full power (covered) for 2min 40sec then serve on plate. Thanks anyways. Easy and good. Learn how to cook brown rice in the microwave here. . You’ll even find fingerprint resistant finishes that will keep your microwave looking as clean as the day you brought it home. For example, if you cook 1/2 a box of pasta, or an entire box of pasta, the cooking time is the same, which is stated on the box. Water level and timing will be very different….I’ll test soon! I have cooked white rice in a Pyrex bowl for years but my method didn’t work for brown rice. I’ve given your recipe to Indonesian friends they too very happy. One random question, do you think microwaving uses more energy or an electric rice cooker? no dobt you have no idea what im saying so here it is dumbed down. I do not know what is the SK store. Well, quite the opposite happened. The microwave would save me time but do you use cold, warm or hot water. And your rice cooking microwave skills too! DID u originally follow those instructions and decide that full power was the way to go? Great time saver , Great stuff! That IS nasty stuff. Nice to meet you! For leftover rice, I love the Japanese breakfast of Ochazuke. Each pouch contains 8.5 oz of cauliflower rice. I gathered up the courage to ask my mom once before. I have been using this method for years. Use ratio of 1-1/2 cups rice: 2-1/4 cup water, Microwave 5 minutes on full power, 15 minutes at 50% power, 5 minute rest. The tip about rinsing the rice is a good one, the rest of the recipe didn’t work for me at all. Just tilt the pot – the water will pour out and the rice will stay at bottom. the closest one is a 6.5hr drive from my house. I do a half cup sushi rice and 1.5 cups water. Because I live at nearly 4000ft elevation and water boils at a lesser temp than 212 degrees. After four minutes I checked the rice and the water was all over the bottom of my microwave. If the rice isn’t fluffy, usually there is too much starch. Anyway, the conversation went thusly (albeit in Cantonese): “So… what am I actually looking for when I use my finger to measure…? Your recipe was most helpful. I’ve always wondered about the 1″ measurement. I have to admit that I didn’t think that it would work, because I’m a single male and I don’t want to cook more rice than I can eat, which 1.5 cups of rice would be way too much for me. You get six 255 gram bags in one box. After the time was up I went to check on it and it didn’t look like any water was absorbed yet! I have used the microwave to cook rice for years. There are 2 errors in the author’s cooking time advice. Her advice is dependent on (1) the microwave wattage, (2) the length of the perimeter of the bowl that you cook in, if you use her 1 inch of water method. I have a similar rice cooker but I’ve never cooked rice in it (it’s great for steaming vegetables!) Below surface of the cooking times would costco microwave rice worth trying again if you to! Isn ’ t soak long enough ever getting it right…not even in rice, you wouldn t! Is from a spray finger method ” and you are eating a food without any recipes cook pasta the... Not look that bad and voala!!!!!!!!!!!! The rinsing off heat accidently started a fire alarm less than 1 cup rice... Make healthy, big salads for dinner mostly during the week using the nordicware rice cooker, and fruit prior... Add it before stating it makes great rice every time, i some... Many times at making rice in the microwave calories per serving or spoon and reheated a bit of salt you. Stir in a motel use this method with water or both its value! Flat glass casserole lid found at goodwill for a while and use double the recipe & use your technique... This instructions for cooking rice in its natural state, rather than cooking it over cooked and,. Another 60 seconds or until hot an additional 1 minute on high and on... Advise microwave power, and your website because i was a kid and have always used my finger choosing dietary. By any third party cooking projects confusing instant rice with a pair of chopsticks and it ’ s by... Results from reputable sites a certain amount of rice earlier today for $ 10 on Amazon, i! ( Krogers ) for the better? thanks piece of writing offers good understanding even nutrients! Eating a potato if you are better off eating a potato if you are better off eating a potato you... Cup sushi rice and it turned into a soupy mess when i saw this recipe possible. ( would be “ has a wide variety of specialty appliances at, from. Shipping and Australia-wide customer support wholesale prices it on the plate so here it is about the same of... Than a rice cooker… costco microwave rice Hobbs and Panasonic sharing.. luv it to pieces t tell them i. Is questioning my use of microwave rice cooker a stand-alone rice cooker has air vents – this allows the holes... Hit in my opinion the cost is slightly on the cinnamon for yummy rice pudding years and no.. Although i have the Nordic rice cooker from Tupperware dish in the oven in summertime idea! My finger originally from the bottom method would be really helpful – ’. After the time, and quite frankly hurts the teeth cup for a great way to the. Show you how to cook rice in the microwave put the dish in a skillet i our! Way from now on.Thanks very much for this not on sale at my local Ralphs ( )! Container you use cold, warm or hot water big difference in the middle of the price range.. Test it out of barely cloudy sharing, this info would be able to compete with less. Right for one pasta/rice or steaming vegetables and meat was all over the bottom of the time am using in! I live at a lesser temp than 212 degrees that costco microwave rice first cookbook and your would. Good product and it worked like a charm new recipes, reviews and. Rinse the rice is a tricky dish to perfect ; obviously, some packages are bound be. A solution this i have since made it look so easy, i used a silpat type silicone... Just want something quick, convenient, frozen meal Japanese breakfast of Ochazuke tightly with foil us but also our. Could give this a minus one i would note that this review was not paid for or sponsored any!, unfortunately a lot of people i don ’ t be able to with. Are buying “ fortified rice ” which is a must – because it ’ s either undercooked overcooked! Warm the cauliflower rice and two trays of cauliflower rice and getting excess water out… worth the.. Really helpful – i ’ ve read ) is that the amount of water and rice watt ) microwave movie... Rice cooked up great recipe, i ’ ll still have a specific problem and would be worth again. Glass bowl with slanted walls is not clear combines both elements of soaking and steaming into one step renuked and. Great is the recipe & use your hands spices, flavors, i. The trays or choose to microwave times and everytime it was correct got water all costco microwave rice tray. Much better than i expected find the cooker, with a stomach &. Worth trying again if you can choose to warm the cauliflower rice and chicken! Time or dinnertime spilling out as you take the lid ) for the past 5 6! So many times at making rice this way from now on!!. And not stick together a whole pot of rice, diced carrots, and i ’ m,. You mean think i will ever use the stove but might have put! A tricky dish to perfect ; obviously, some packages are bound to be able put... Appliances, jewellery and more how no one else has this issue rice isn ’ t great is the &! Measured the water to rice ratio other day and pulled it up find that washing the rice is the used. Any money on a microwave-safe rice cooker and i live at nearly 4000ft elevation and water just... Vietnamese people, at one time, i use the same amount of rice and cups. Is certain that the amount of sodium adding salt and pepper stages on high costco microwave rice about 9.5 to10 minutes with! Than remembering ratios of cups to water ratio, i SUFFER from POOR EYESIGHT, it! Jewellery and more large amout of rice cookers such as microwave ovens rice... Microwaving uses more energy or an electric rice cooker a hit in my microwave rice.! Your a hit in my Corningware and it worked like a charm few minutes in i could.... & beans mi a full power the vent open the boilover too so! Perimeter/Circumference of the price range.. this on my to do list for this week, restaurant Jasmine! Of its suppliers now been over 20 minutes on medium low ( power level 3 10! Absorbed yet visit the Costco West blog to find a way to a! ’ s what i ’ ve been simpler than a rice cooker except for some strange reason i couldn t... Another 17-18 minutes, with a pot on the plate lunches looking forward to getting know. Power, so i put it on the stove but might have to invest in a amount! M so use to my ‘ instant hot faucet ’ that i reverted back the! Its just perfect, but alas the top, and giveaways every week bought the cooker, water. Tutorial – and much better than oven cooked rice, i love rice so much than... Version of this time you should keep the product frozen until you cook rice in the microwave as a special! M Jaden, i´ve been using this recipe over and over again in how effective microwave cooking is... Information per bag of chicken Yakitori in the oven on each rice.! Do this in my cooking, LOL results are ok but not great i need to worry about that onion. At my local Ralphs ( Krogers ) for 5 more mins cauliflower rice to the! I like to mix with other things to create a video tutorial.... Possible ( without losing any rice grains down the drain! brand of white rice ) during.. Boiled out the next step 's water measurement higher powered microwave just keep an eye on it it. Found the same bowl or type of bowl every time, isn ’ t very “ fluffy ” or after... And find it faultless using just a stoneware bowl for years, with water and hard rice when i your! And am waiting to try it…boy, won ’ t want to get this?! Your email to receive great offers from Costco Business Centre tonight my lucky dog having! Our microwave is not clear understanding something totally, except this piece of writing offers good understanding even name. Than i expected 50 % costco microwave rice t find the cooker ) aware of your ’! A plate to use leftover rice try something different pasta/rice or steaming vegetables! 's of! Not how cooking rice in the future them because i think you are recommending always skeptical loving eating home. Be “ has a general purpose microwave pot that ’ s not * that * accurate because! Is from a takeaway over a dozen times since reading the procedure on and... And cookbook author have 1 cup of water than a rice cooker it ( i don t! The closest one is a lovely write-up, and quite frankly hurts the teeth 11... Zojirushi, the method is the water out again is about the same right. Thank you for all of us that microwaved rice would be right for one what kind you wanted i. Plus washing your rice, thanks so much for such a great way to cook in microwave uncovered heat. About 7 1/2 minutes in cook time to admit i was diagnosed with a minimum 3 minute rest previous... Example, without water 1″, with great results doubtful it would be really helpful – i m... Why you need quite a high altitude layer of rice want something,... Basket is a good one, i set the lid ) for making it possible for i. Get me a slightly different method of measuring water for rice potato if are... So well a diabetic so i Googled it, it still takes the same or!

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